- Fluid Studios -




- Recording
Ideally suited to singer/songwriters, electronic acts, and voice over work

- Production & Post-Production
Large selection of hardware & software instruments (Vintage analogue, modular, digital, virtual, even a baby grand piano)

- Mixing
Neve, Eventide, Lexicon hardware. Huge selection of high end software plugins (Waves, Eventide, SoundToys, Izotope, etc)

- Mastering
Most popular formats supported (iTunes, CD, vinyl, etc)

- Front of House & Live Recording
24 track digital recording

- Competitive Prices
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- Comfortable, relaxed atmosphere
Why would you bother otherwise?!


About us:

We run a small, high spec music recording and production studio located on the North West coast of England in the picturesque village of St Bees.

We are ideally suited to singer/songwriters, electronic acts, and small groups offering a one-stop-shop for turning sketched ideas in to fully produced master recordings; we can also provide any combination of all the steps in between, including mixing and mastering of pre-recorded material and multitrack stems.

Additionally we are able to offer a Front of House (FOH) and live recording service for small sized gigs (typically less than about 500 people) - the resulting recordings can be post-produced, mixed down, and mastered as required providing artists with a 'show-case' product they can sell or use in their promotional packs.

Please use the contact button above if you'd like to discuss what we can do to best help you :-)